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Stumpy's mother is a minor character on the show. She is never seen directly, but can be heard talking on the phone in some episodes and is occasionally mentioned by her son Stumpy.


Not much is known about Stumpy's mother. It is shown that she cares about her son's safety, for example in "Let's Play Circuses" she calls him on the phone after seeing him juggle chainsaws to make sure he isn't in danger (an act which, ironically, directly led to Stumpy being put in danger from the chainsaws). Some episodes, however, suggest that she may be somewhat neglectful towards him.


She is a squirrel with reddish brown fur. Like Stumpy, she wears dark purple fingerless gloves and green and white sneakers. She has blond hair, red eyes, two large front teeth and pink eyelids.


Her past was mentioned in the episode "Let's Play What Does Your Father Do?" in a flashback. Stumpy says that she was also his father. In the flashback, she lived in a crude shelter with her poor parents. Her father tells her that she must find a job because he and her mother can't afford to maintain her. To reassure her, her mother told her to finish her tear bowl and go to the city the next day. Nobody wanted to hire her. One day, she had an idea; she became a "man-woman" and everything changed. Everybody wanted to hire her and she got money.

It's unknown if this story is true because in some episodes, Stumpy claims to have two parents, and besides, Kaeloo herself mentioned at the end of the episode that everyone's story was probably untrue. In Let's Play Marriage, Stumpy says that his parents are not married.


  • The episode "Let's Play Carrot & Co." suggests that she may be a carrot addict, since Stumpy first found out about the addictive carrots by stealing them from her purse.
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