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Smileyland (known as "Super Cute Land" in the Miam! Animation English dub and "Pays Trop Mignon" or "PTM" in the French dub) is the location where the show takes place. Kaeloo is its guardian.[1]


Seen from space, the planet Smileyland has stripes. Its color varies depending on the episode, and it has been depicted as being blue, green, or pink so far. Despite the moon being present in the sky in most episodes set at night, Smileyland's moon cannot be seen from space.

Most of the episodes take place on land in a place covered by vast grassy plains with some trees and boulders  There are other environments in Smileyland too, like deserts, snowy areas, beaches by the sea, and forests.

A color script for the series

Smileyland's appearance changes depending on the time of day and the weather. It also has a "red" version that usually appears when Kaeloo gets angry and transforms in Season 1, but it is not exclusive to these moments.

  • Times of Day: Daytime, evening, or night time;
  • Weather: Sunny, rainy, or snowy;
  • Other: Reddish hues.

Smileyland's geography is very similar to that of the planet Earth. According to Olaf in "Let's Play Household Hazards", the continents in Smileyland and their terrestrial counterparts are:

  • The Americas: Fantasia (?)

    The Map of Smileyland

  • Africa and the Middle East: The Kingdom of Narnia
  • Asia: Smileyland
  • Japan (?): Fantasia (?)
  • Europe: Enchanted Forest
  • Oceania: Wonderland

In "Let's Play Sheep Vote", Olaf mentions other countries such as Super Glutton Land, Super Felon Land, and Super Underpants Land, which are neighboring to Smileyland.


In "Let's Play Goodbye, Mr. Cat, Kaeloo says that children are the only ones allowed to live in Smileyland. However, many episodes following this have proven this assertion to be false; Jean-Guillaume and the Journalist are adults, and the bad future in "Let's Play Big Book of Destiny" has Kaeloo and Stumpy's adult selves living there twenty years into the future. The characters typically buy things online and these items are delivered by falling out of the sky. However, the characters themselves occasionally open stalls to sell things like in "Let's Play Market Vendors" and "Let's Play Carrot & Co.. In "Let's Play Truth or Dare", Kaeloo details an unpleasant encounter Stumpy had with a security guard after trying to shoplift a designer bag from a store, but the incident happened offscreen and it is not specified whether this took place inside Smileyland or outside it.

Stumpy using a magic rope to make a door appear

Using magic ropes, the inhabitants of Smileyland can access whatever they need, including doors that can lead to other parts of Smileyland, places outside Smileyland, and alternate dimensions. Smileyland's features reflect the nature of children's games; fairies, spirits, and ghosts are real, many objects are made of toys (like guitars made of tennis rackets), and plenty of the scenery is made out of artificial materials; the bushes are made of cardboard, the Sun runs on a lightbulb, and even the trees appear to be made of metal.

In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", it is revealed that a person can recreate the planet Smileyland if it is destroyed, by pressing their hand into a panel in the Heart of Smileyland. However, the person who touches it must first purify their mind of all bad thoughts, or else the planet will reprogram itself according to their bad thoughts. At the end of "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", Stumpy reprograms the world to be almost exactly the same as it was before, the only difference being the presence of a secret door to Cube Creative Studios so he can communicate with the writers of the Kaeloo' series.

Smileyland has many rules, including:

Mr. Cat reading the Constitution out loud

  • You must have fun.
  • You must respect the Constitution, the first article of which states that "playing is an unalienable right".
  • Children are the only ones allowed to live in Smileyland. (Disproven, possibly revoked)
  • The boxes in hopscotch games must have 90 degree angles.

Alternate Versions

A few alternate versions of Smileyland have been seen on the show.

  • In "Let's Play Astronauts", it is revealed that there is a parallel planet Smileyland on the other side of the galaxy, where Kaeloo's transformation happens in reverse, Mr. Cat (who is called Meow Meow) eats yogurt and is indestructible, Quack Quack (who is called Mr. Duck) torments him with weapons, and Stumpy is intelligent. However, the end of the episode reveals that this was all in a dream Stumpy had, so this universe doesn't really exist.

  • In "Let's Play Interdimensional Hide and Seek", another alternate version of Smileyland was seen, which was accessed via an interdimensional door. This dimension operates on the principle of "Let's Learn" rather than "Let's Play", so rather than playing games, the inhabitants of this world study and learn new things in a classroom setting. Kaeloo's counterpart transforms in reverse, Stumpy's counterpart is very intelligent, Mr. Cat's counterpart was a quiet, literal-minded idiot, and everybody wore glasses.

    Super Perfect Land

  • In "Let's Play Super Perfect Land", Kaeloo takes her friends to Super Perfect Land, an alternate version of Smileyland where everything is perfect. It turns out that the reason for this planet's perfect nature is that the main four don't exist in this universe.

Notable Residents

  • Kaeloo:

    Kaeloo kisses the ground, literally

    Kaeloo is the guardian of Smileyland, and she cares deeply for it. She tries to save the land, as well as its flora and fauna, from any type of harm that may threaten it. Kaeloo knows all about Smileyland, and it is she who usually explains the planet's functions and inner workings to the other characters when it becomes relevant to the plot. In "Let's Play Quiet on the Set", when the other inhabitants of Smileyland start to experience problems with the planet falling into disrepair, they form an angry mob and shout their complaints at Kaeloo, because she is the one responsible for maintaining its upkeep.
  • Mr. Cat: Unlike Kaeloo, Mr. Cat would rather destroy Smileyland than preserve it. He cuts trees in a fit of rage in "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", he describes his plan to introduce an industrial zone and a nuclear energy plant that would produce harmful waste during his temporary reign as the King of Smileyland in "Let's Play Me-Me-Nopoly, and in "Let's Play Red Light, Green Light", Kaeloo mentions an incident where Mr. Cat caused an explosion that created a huge hole in the ground. In "Let's Play Sheep Vote", Mr. Cat is elected president, but appears to have been stripped of the position by the angry residents offscreen due to his campaign mostly consisting of lies.


The residents of Smileyland include anthropomorphic animals, non-anthropomorphic animals, talking plants, talking objects, and supernatural beings. The list of Smileyland's residents can be found here.


The name "Smileyland" is sometimes used to refer to the country where the characters live, and sometimes used to refer to the planet itself, depending on the episode.

Names in Other Languages

Dub Name
English Smileyland
French Pays Trop Mignon
Greek Σούπερ Ομορφοχώρα
Hindi Smileyland
Italian Paese Troppo Carino
Polish Ślicznej Krainie
Portuguese Smileyland
Serbian Smehozemlja


  • Even though the series takes place in Smileyland, a place which is supposed to be away from the Earth, there are many references to locations on Earth such as Broadway, London, and Denmark.
  • In "Let's Play Curse of the Pharaoh", Stumpy mentions having gone on vacation to Australia, which suggests that there may be a way to travel between Smileyland and the planet Earth.
  • The characters often use money, but certain episodes state that Smileyland's inhabitants do not use real money. Kaeloo specifies in "Let's Play it Has to Trickle Down" that the currency used in games is usually play money or alternative forms of play currency such as stickers or pieces of confetti.