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"Si on jouait à la malédiction du pharaon" is the 29th episode of the 2nd season of Kaeloo, and the 81st overall.


Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack and Pretty embark on a quest to find the secret of eternal youth.


Main Characters

  • Kaeloo
  • Stumpy
  • Quack Quack
  • Pretty

Minor Characters

  • Mr. Cat
  • Eugly
  • Talkmyhead II
  • Sheep


  • This episode reveals that Pretty is afraid of scorpions and Stumpy is afraid of rattlesnakes.
  • This is the third time where Quack Quack is turned into a zombie. The first being "Let's Play Trap-Trap" and the second "Let's Play Scaredy Cat".
  • Kaeloo does not transform in this episode.