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The sheep are minor characters on Kaeloo. They are actually aliens pretending to be sheep. They have the distinction of having more and more presence as the seasons go on, as well as noticeable changes in appearance.


In the first three seasons, all of the sheep look similar to each other. In their sheep form, they have black faces and legs, white or black wool and red eyes. In their alien form, they have green wool and purple tentacles.

In season 4, they are much closer to the main and secondary characters in terms of anthropomorphism. They can walk on their back legs, possess the ability to talk and sing and have noticeable changes: visible teeth, larger mouths, bigger legs, eyebrows, eyelids, and three fingers on their front legs instead of two.

Role in the show

In season 1, the sheep were mostly used as props for games and had no real personalities, identities, or emotions, though they occasionally showed signs of annoyance after being injured or otherwise inconvenienced by the main four. 

In season 2, the sheep are mostly the same as they were in season 1, but towards the end of the season, in "Let's Play Leapfrog", Stumpy tries to prove to Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat that the sheep are aliens. They don't believe him, though, and the sheep continue to harass him. Thus, the sheep are painted in an antagonistic light. 

The sheep are treated with more importance by the other character in season 3. They show some signs of sapience despite not being anthropomorphic, and react appropriately to most situations. Some of them are revealed to have names and are addressed by the other characters with those names. 

In season 4, due to the drastic changes in the way they are portrayed, the sheep have more roles, such as game show hosts and lawyers. The main and secondary characters treat them like regular people instead of props or animals. 

Known Sheep Names

  • Francis
  • Jean-Raoul
  • Jean-René
  • Gérôme
  • Regicide
  • Suzette
  • Cerberus
  • Charon
  • Big Sheep
  • Mr. Sheep
  • Mr. Sheepy
  • Mr. Baa
  • Mrs. Baa
  • Death
  • Quack Sheep
  • Red Sheep
  • Green Sheep
  • Black Fleece
  • Fairy Sheep
  • Rémi Guetto
  • Valentin Guetto
  • Hervé
  • Super Teacher

(more to be added)


  • In the early seasons, there is a running gag where the sheep are set on fire.
  • Most of the sheep have stereotypical French names.


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