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Season 2 of Kaeloo was released on December 2nd, 2012. It has 52 episodes, each 7 minutes long. It introduced three new characters, Pretty, Eugly, and Olaf. Starting from this season, the formulaic structure of the episodes that was present in season 1 was removed, allowing more flexible plots. The season has yet to be dubbed in English, the sole exception being "What if We Played at Riding Ponies?", which was dubbed by Miam! Animation and uploaded to Vimeo. "Let's Play School-Run, Work, Bedtime" was given an official English title at Annecy 2013 despite the episode having no English dub.


No. In Season No. In Series Unofficial English Title French Title
1 53 "Let's Play Gentleman Thieves" "Si on jouait aux gentleman cambrioleurs"
2 54 "Let's Play Truth or Dare" "Si on jouait au jeu de la vérité"
3 55 "Let's Play Household Hazards" "Si on jouait aux dangers domestiques"
4 56 "What if We Played at Riding Ponies?" "Si on jouait à faire du cheval"
5 57 "Let's Play Lady Luck" "Si on jouait à Madame Chance"
6 58 "Let's Play Ki Cé Ka Raison" "Si on jouait à ki cé ka raison"
7 59 "Let's Play Lunatic Toques" "Si on jouait aux toques toquées"
8 60 "Let's Play Marriage" "Si on jouait au mariage"
9 61 "Let's Play Vacation… Castaways" “Si on jouait aux vacances... aux naufragés”
10 62 "Let's Play Smileyland Wrestling Championship" "Si on jouait au WPTM Catch Championship"
11 63 "Let's Play Shaolin Fitness" "Si on jouait au fitness Shaolin"
12 64 "Let's Play McDaube" "Si on jouait au McDaube"
13 65 "Let's Play Clone Party" "Si on jouait à la clone party"
14 66 "Let's Play Yogurt War" "Si on jouait à la guerre des yaourts"
15 67 "Let's Play Tutus Galore" "Si on jouait à tutu à gogo"
16 68 "Let's Play Orchestra Conductor" "Si on jouait au chef d'orchestre"
17 69 "Let's Play Hallo, Hello, Ola" "Si on jouait à Hallo, Hello, Ola"
18 70 "Let's Play Interdimensional Hide and Seek" "Si on jouait à cache cache interdimensionnel"
19 71 "Let's Play Crime Manor" "Si on jouait au manoir du crime"
20 72 "Let's Play Stumpy's I.Q." "Si on jouait au Q.I. de Moignon"
21 73 "Let's Play Can You or Can You" "Si on jouait au cap ou cap"
22 74 "Let's Play Ball" "Si on jouait à la baballe"
23 75 "Let's Play Return to the Super Future (Part 1)" "Si on jouait au retour vers le super future"
24 76 "Let's Play Return to the Super Past (Part 2)" "Si on jouait au retour vers le super passé"
25 77 "Let's Play the End of the World" "Si on jouait à la fin du monde"
26 78 "Let's Play Pirates: Curse of the Map" "Si on jouait aux pirates: le malédiction de Gogol-Map"
27 79 "Let's Play Pirates 2: Revenge of the Emperor" "Si on jouait aux pirates 2: la vengeance de l'empereur"
28 80 "Let's Play Beach Volleyball" "Si on jouait au beach volley"
29 81 "Let's Play Curse of the Pharaoh" "Si on jouait à la malédiction du pharaon"
30 82 "Let's Play Top Models" "Si on jouait aux top models"
31 83 "Let's Play Party" "Si on jouait à la boom"
32 84 "Let's Play Sitcom" "Si on jouait à la sitcom"
33 85 "Let's Play Rock, Paper, Scissors" "Si on jouait à pierre, feuille, ciseaux"
34 86 "Let's Play Jump Rope" "Si on jouait à la corde à sauter"
35 87 "Let's Play Waiter Race" "Si on jouait à la course de garçons de café"
36 88 "Let's Play Desperados" "Si on jouait aux desperados"
37 89 "Let's Play Musical Comedy" "Si on jouait à la comédie musicale"
38 90 "Let's Play Princess vs. Princess" "Si on jouait à princesse contre princesse"
39 91 "Let's Play Dubbing" "Si on jouait au doublage"
40 92 "Let's Play Fatal Destination" "Si on jouait à destination fatale grave"
41 93 "Let's Play Firefighters" "Si on jouait aux pompiers"
42 94 "Let's Play School-Run, Work, Bedtime" "Si on jouait à metro, boulot, dodo"
43 95 "Let's Play Baseball" "Si on jouait au baseball"
44 96 "Let's Play Carrot & Co." "Si on jouait à Carotte & Co."
45 97 "Let's Play Karaoke" "Si on jouait à karaoké"
46 98 "Let's Play Leapfrog" "Si on jouait à saute-mouton"
47 99 "Let's Play Game Over: Level 1" "Si on jouait à Game Over: Level 1"
48 100 "Let's Play Game Over: Level 2" "Si on jouait à Game Over: Level 2"
49 101 "Let's Play Zerolympic Games" "Si on jouait aux jeux zérolympiques"
50 102 "Let's Play Paper Balls" "Si on jouait aux boulettes de papier"
51 103 "Let's Play Frosted Christmas" "Si on jouait à Noël Givré"
52 104 "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2" "Si on jouait à Noël Givré - la suite"