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"Quack Quack XP" (translated from French "Coin-Coin XP") is a series of one minute webisodes where Stumpy does experiments on Quack Quack and comes up with bizarre conclusions.


List of Shorts

  1. Experiment 18: Eating an Intergalactic Yogurt
  2. Experiment 76: How Many Yogurts Can Quack Quack Eat?
  3. Experiment 31: Saving Eugly
  4. Experiment 84: Not Blinking
  5. Experiment 63: Quack Quack's Speed
  6. Experiment 09: Eye Lights
  7. Experiment 172: Writing Punishment
  8. Experiment 49: Global Warming


The official Facebook page explicitly stated that neither Kaeloo nor Mr. Cat would appear on Quack Quack XP.