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Quack Quack the duck (known as Coin-Coin in the French dub) is one of the main characters of the show.


Quack Quack is a yellow duck with a pink belly. His beak and legs are orange. He has blue eyes with purple eyelids. His body is covered in stitches, since he has to be stitched up after being cut up or blown to pieces. He typically wears a pair of blue underpants.


Quack Quack is a gentle, honest, and selfless person who is generally kind and helpful to everyone around him. He is also very forgiving; he appears to hold no real malice towards Mr. Cat even though the latter amuses himself by abusing Quack Quack, and he also forgives other characters like Stumpy and Olaf on occasions where they mistreat him.

However, there is a limit to this kindness. In "Let's Play I Like You", he agreed with Mr. Cat's plan to kill Pretty with a chainsaw because she humiliated him and his loved ones on Fakebook and later joined a mass effort to ruin her reputation, and in episodes such as "Let's Play Ki Cé Ka Raison" and "Let's Play Figurines", he also gets revenge on Mr. Cat for bullying him, which suggests that there is a limit to how forgiving he can be. Quack Quack also has the unfortunate tendency to be rather insensitive at times, like in Let's Play Court of Miracles when he is largely apathetic to a news report depicting the suffering of the poor, or in "Let's Play Scratch Me if You Can" when he plays a prank on Eugly that triggers her trauma from a bad past experience and refuses to apologize afterwards.

Quack Quack is not completely perfect either. Episodes from later seasons show him pranking Kaeloo, littering, and staying up past his bedtime by tricking Kaeloo.


When Quack Quack was still in an egg, his parents were killed by a hunter. A group of scientists picked him up and performed ​​several experiments on him. As a result, he is indestructible, incredibly intelligent (at least when it comes to academic subjects like math and science), and addicted to yogurt. Shortly afterwards, while still in his egg, Quack Quack managed to escape the laboratory. He and his siblings came to Smileyland. The others hatched before him, leaving behind nothing but their eggshells and a postcard attached to his egg that said "Wait for us in Smileyland". Kaeloo came across Quack Quack's egg, decided to name him Quack Quack, and unofficially "adopted" him.


He is one of the show's smartest characters. He is extremely lucky and can win at almost any game. He is also physically very strong. Due to having numerous science experiments performed on him, he cannot be destroyed.

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He also has robot-like functions, for example, he can shoot both laser beams and light beams out of his eyes, give out soda cans like a vending machine, and operate as a fan or propeler by rapidly spinning his arms.


He is addicted to yogurt. The episode "Let's Play Trap-Trap" showed that if he goes for even one hour without yogurt, he experiences withdrawal-like symptoms, behaves like a zombie and hallucinates.

Quack Quack doesn't speak, and instead only says "Quack". He can understand many languages, but he technically cannot speak them. Kaeloo and Eugly can understand him perfectly. Mr. Cat and Stumpy can understand him most of the time, but there are times when they need Kaeloo to translate for them. Pretty usually does not understand him.


Season 3

Animalistic Behaviors

  • He usually speaks in quacks.

Role in the show

Quack Quack is frequently tortured by Mr. Cat, which is the usual reason for Kaeloo's transformations. He is very smart when it comes to science, math and the like (but not very much when it comes to common sense), and he uses his intelligence, robotic abilities and indestructibility powers to help the others when necessary. He is also the boyfriend of Eugly, and their relationship is often used as a plot device.


Quack Quack is usually kind and friendly to the other characters. He is often treated poorly by antagonist characters, especially Mr. Cat and Pretty.


Names in Other Languages

Dub Name
English Quack Quack
French Coin-Coin
Greek Κουακ Κουακ
Hindi Quack Quack
Italian Qua Qua
Polish Kwa-Kwa
Portuguese Quack Quack
Serbian Kva-Kva


  • Quack Quack is hinted to be the youngest character on the show.
  • Quack Quack is the only bird in the main four.
  • The expository comics revealed that he lives in a bathtub house, but it has never been seen on the actual show.
  • In "Let's Play Simon Says", it was revealed that he wears a diaper under his underpants.
  • When deprived of yogurt, Quack Quack undergoes withdrawal-like symptoms and turns into a "zombie" of sorts, as seen in "Let's Play Trap-Trap". According to "Let's Play Escape Room", Quack Quack can only go for six minutes at a time without eating any yogurt.
  • Quack Quack does not have teeth (as noted in "Let's Play Doctors and Nurses"), but whenever he is turned into a zombie (or deprived of yogurt) he suddenly has teeth.
  • He is the only one of the main four to wear any clothes, not counting gloves and shoes.
  • He is the only character to have blue eyes. Pretty's are green, Eugly's are hidden from view by her hair, Olaf's are gray, and the others have red eyes.
  • He is afraid of only three things: doctors (thanks to the scientists who experimented on him), never finding his creator, and expired yogurt.
  • According to Kaeloo: Let's Play..., since his actual date of birth is unknown, the main four celebrate the anniversary of Quack Quack's escape from the lab instead.

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Quack Quack's gallery can be viewed here.

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