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Nightmareland is a minor location in the series.


Nightmareland resembles a large canyon, and can be accessed by driving the Sleep Train into a portal guarded by demonic sheep.


Nightmareland is the opposite of Dreamland. People who go there on the sleep train are subjected to nightmares. In "Let's Play Sleep Train", Mr. Cat hijacked the train to send it into the land of nightmares. There, he, Stumpy, and Quack Quack had nightmares:

  • Stumpy dreams about Ursula leaving him for Interdimensional Stumpy.
  • Quack Quack dreams about Eugly breaking up with him.
  • Mr. Cat has several nightmares in succession: one where he sits at an empty dining table and Bad Kaeloo says she is his mother, one where Kaeloo, Stumpy, and Quack Quack force him to play games with them forever, and one where he fails to speak properly in front of a large audience and is made fun of for it.


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