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"Let's Play Smileyland Wrestling Championship" is the 10th episode of the second season of Kaeloo, and 62nd of the series overall.


Kaeloo allows Mr. Cat to host a wrestling competition on the grounds that everything is "cute".


Mr. Cat sneaks up behind Quack Quack and beats him up, prompting Kaeloo to transform and beat him up. Stumpy thinks they're wrestling and prepares to join them, but Kaeloo stops him. She thinks wrestling is too dangerous, and she won't allow it. Mr. Cat says that it involves a lot of physical contact, likening it to hugging, and Kaeloo is convinced that it's cute. Kaeloo decides to allow wrestling in Smileyland on the condition that everything is done in a "cute" way.

A wrestling match is set up between Mr. Cat and Quack Quack, known onstage as Guerrero del Fierno and the Big Quack, with Stumpy and Olaf as the commentators. The bunny twins are watching the match from nearby, with Pretty cheering Mr. Cat on, and Kaeloo is the referee. Mr. Cat and Quack Quack start fighting, and to Kaeloo's dismay, it is not "cute" like they told her it would be. After a particularly dangerous move, Kaeloo tells Quack Quack to stop because people might try to imitate him and get hurt, but Mr. Cat points out that it's very hard to do and is unlikely to be imitated. Kaeloo is skeptical, but soon starts to take more interest in the match.

After Quack Quack pulls off a very good move on Mr. Cat, Kaeloo jokingly points out that Mr. Cat isn't showing off as much anymore, so Mr. Cat offers to let her take his place. Kaeloo stands on a stool and starts doing the "booty dance", believing that she can't be attacked, but Quack Quack prepares to perform a supposedly fatal move known as the Greek yogurt. Kaeloo freaks out and brings Mr. Cat back. Mr. Cat is hit, but recovers almost instantly and prepares his own move, the Hey Macarena. The audience is led to believe that he's going to hit Quack Quack with a flying kick, but then he attacks him with a giant bazooka. Kaeloo protests, saying that as long as she's the referee on the ring, that kind of behavior will not be allowed. Mr. Cat simply removes her from the ring so she technically isn't "on the ring" anymore, and then continues to assault Quack Quack with a variety of weapons. Eugly watches in horror and Pretty finds it very entertaining. Just before Kaeloo can declare Mr. Cat as the winner, Eugly jumps into the ring and beats Mr. Cat up for hurting her boyfriend, using ballet moves, which Kaeloo finds fascinating. Eugly is declared the winner instead. Meanwhile, Stumpy remarks that two half-naked guys cuddling in the middle of a ring is actually very weird.


Key Characters

  • Kaeloo
  • Quack Quack
  • Mr. Cat

Supporting Characters

  • Stumpy
  • Olaf
  • Eugly

Minor Characters


  • This is the second time Eugly beats up Mr. Cat for hurting Quack Quack, the first being in "Let's Play Lady Luck".