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The title of this article has been unofficially translated into English due to the fact that it was not given an official English name. Although it is based on canonical information, the English name is a conjecture and may be supplanted at any time by additional information released from canonical sources.

"Let's Play Ratman Moves Out" is the 37th episode of the fourth season of Kaeloo, and 187th of the series overall.


Ratman's perpetual failures to beat supervillains have caused his neighborhood to become dangerous, so he wants to move.


The episode starts with a reporter and a camera crew standing outside Ratman's apartment complex as aliens wreck the neighborhood. He is greeted by Mrs. Michu, Ratman's nosy neighbor. Mrs. Michu explains to the TV crew how she's definitely not bigoted towards Ratman and Robquack for living together despite being of different species, and reveals Ratman's secret identity to them as a tidbit of gossip.

Mrs. Michu lets herself into Ratman's apartment and informs him that the TV crew is here, and Ratman, angered by her presence, orders Calfred to take her out. Calfred beats Mrs. Michu with a broomstick and politely asks the crew to edit scenes with Mrs. Michu out of the finished episode, threatening to shoot them with his gun if they don't comply.

The reporter notices that the apartment is messy and that Ratman is putting things into boxes, and asks if he's moving out of the apartment. Ratman complains that nobody is doing anything to stop the aliens that are attacking the neighborhood, so he feels unsafe living there. Robquack tries to ask Ratman for help carrying the boxes down because they couldn't afford movers, but the latter ignores him because he's busy complaining about his life to the TV crew, forcing Robquack to move everything by himself. Ratman takes one single comic book down the stairs while complaining about how heavy and difficult it is to carry. As Robquack loads the boxes into the car, occasionally shooting irritated looks at the camera, Ratman sits in a chair playing video games as he explains how difficult the moving process is. Since Ratman is a superhero, he has to pack all his superhero paraphernalia as well as items he confiscated from villains, like gadgets or living science experiments.

Meanwhile, Frigid Fridge, who was spying on Ratman, calls the Frosted Penguin and informs him that Ratman is moving out. The Frosted Penguin plots to steal Ratman's gadgets and other valuable items during the move.

Mrs. Michu lets herself into Ratman's apartment and, upon finding it empty, decides to snoop through his boxes. Ratman returns to find her rifling through a box of his underwear and Mrs. Michu lies that she was trying to help Ratman move his boxes because they seemed heavy, and that she could transform to carry them for him. Ratman agrees because she could help him move his piano that way. Calfred rips Mrs. Michu's scarf off, angering her to the point of transforming, and lies on top of the piano, which she throws out the window.

The reporters ask Ratman about the possibility of supervillains stealing the items that he confiscated from criminals but Ratman explains how supervillains are "super dumb" and that he's not worried at all. Outside, Ratman tells the crew about how happy he is that he found a way to fit all the boxes into the car, angering Robquack, who did all the work by himself. While Ratman fantasizes about eating paninis, the Frosted Penguin jumps into the car and drives away with all the boxes. Calfred finds out that Mrs. Michu stole the Ratmobile, so he, Ratman, Robquack, and Mrs. Michu get in and start chasing the Frosted Penguin. The Frosted Penguin and his robot throw the boxes onto the road. When they throw Robquack's yogurt onto the road, Robquack jumps out of the car to get it. Mrs. Michu transforms and fights the robot, Ratman threatens the Frosted Penguin with a gadget, and Robquack flies into a superpowered rage, destroying the car.

The Frosted Penguin laments his failure, but finds solace in the fact that at least he ruined Ratman's move because his car is totaled and his belongings are on fire. However, Ratman is unfazed and lets the Frosted Penguin have anything he wants from the boxes, because his underwear was the only thing he felt particularly attached to. Everyone is shocked and irritated. The Frosted Penguin attempts to monologue about how he will get Ratman someday, but one of the living science experiments comes after him.

The reporter closes out on the episode, saying he will see Ratman again soon for another report, and Mrs. Michu asks if they can do one about her instead.


Key Characters

  • Kaeloo/Mrs. Michu
  • Stumpy/Ratman
  • Quack Quack/Robquack
  • Mr. Cat/Calfred
  • Reporter and TV crew

Supporting Characters

  • Olaf/Frosted Penguin
  • Sick Fridge/Frigid Fridge


  • This is the second episode to feature Ratman throughout the episode, the first being Let's Play Ratman's Private Life.
  • This is the second episode where Calfred threatens the narrator of the episode with a weapon, the first being "Let's Play Ratman's Private Life". However, in this instance, he does not fire the weapon.