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"Let's Play Quiet on the Set" is the 8th episode of the fourth season of Kaeloo, and 158th of the series overall.


Smileyland falls into disrepair, so Kaeloo tries to direct a movie to raise funds to renovate the place.


The episode starts with Kaeloo trying to throw a basketball into a hoop. She misses and hits the backboard instead, and the hoop falls on top of her. Kaeloo notes that Smileyland is falling into disrepair and it’s starting to get dangerous, and her fears are confirmed when a crowd of angry sheep and flowers informs her that they are being harmed by malfunctioning equipment. Kaeloo tries to tell them that she doesn’t have the money to fix anything. Just then, Stumpy returns from having watched the latest Mr. Coolskin movie. When he mentions that it was a huge hit and sold hundreds of millions of tickets, Kaeloo gets an idea.

Kaeloo invites all the buddies for a meeting, but winds up being late. While the others wait for her, Olaf shows up, carrying popsicles which Olga made, to ask the others if they taste good. Everyone enjoys eating the popsicles. Kaeloo finally shows up and reveals her idea: they can make a movie and earn money from selling tickets to save Smileyland. Stumpy, who refuses to believe that Kaeloo is capable of making a good movie, laughs at the idea. Mr. Cat says that the most important thing about making a movie is marketing, but Kaeloo disagrees; according to her, the most important thing is the script - which she stayed up all night writing. The others ignore her because they’re too busy eating Olga’s popsicles. After yelling at them in Bad Kaeloo’s voice, which gets their attention, Kaeloo explains the story: A “lame duck” who walks with crutches and dreams of becoming a basketball star falls in love with a frog, but she’s already in love with the sun. Mr. Cat says it’s like a French movie, because it sounds like it’ll flop. Pretty wants the female protagonist to be a rabbit and not a frog. Stumpy doesn’t understand the plot. Eugly, however, cries because of how beautiful the plot is, and since she understands it, Kaeloo makes her the director.

Pretty, as the lead actress, starts filming her scenes. Kaeloo feels happy to see her script being enacted. Stumpy, who is in charge of editing the sound, keeps getting into the shot while handling Pretty’s mic. Stumpy inquires what Mr. Cat’s job is. Mr. Cat explains that he’s the producer, and his job is to “observe, encourage, suggest ideas to, and menace” the artists. Stumpy is shocked to hear that Mr. Cat would actually invest money in Kaeloo’s movie, but Mr. Cat clarifies that he actually threatened some rich people into investing in the movie instead, using a bazooka.

Kaeloo goes around inspecting the set, and enjoys watching Quack Quack film his role, but is interrupted by Olaf, who asks if he can sell Olga’s popsicles at the movie premiere. Kaeloo refuses, since she thinks popsicles don’t belong at a fancy movie premiere event. Meanwhile, the others demand that Mr. Cat give them better things; Eugly wants an actual camera instead of a smartphone, Pretty wants a decent dressing room since her current one is actually just a door leading to a dumpster, and Stumpy thinks the buffet food is of poor quality. Kaeloo cuts them all off and tells them to keep filming.

The day of the premiere arrives. A news crew introduces the cast to the public, with the exception of Kaeloo, who is in the bathroom since she’s stressed. Olaf ignores what Kaeloo said and sells his popsicles anyway, and the production staff enjoys them until Bad Kaeloo threatens them into sitting down. It turns out that the movie was badly filmed, and Stumpy’s sound editing ruined the voices. The audience laughs, Stumpy cheers, and the rest of the staff is mortified.

Later, the main four are sitting outside the theater’s steps, and Kaeloo complains that if Stumpy hadn’t messed up the sound editing, the movie would have been fine. Stumpy, on the other hand, is thrilled that their movie got the “worst movie of all time” award. Olaf shows up and informs them that he sold the recipe for Olga’s popsicles for a lot of money, and is willing to fund the renovation costs for Smileyland, on one condition. The scene cuts to everyone worshiping a giant statue of Olaf wearing a crown.


Key Characters

  • Kaeloo
  • Stumpy
  • Mr. Cat
  • Pretty
  • Eugly

Supporting Characters

  • Quack Quack
  • Olaf
  • Sheep
  • Flowers