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"Let's Play Musical Comedy" is the 37th episode of the second season of Kaeloo, and 89th of the series overall.


Stumpy sells his soul to the Devil to write a song for Ursula, but Mr. Cat steals the song and uses it to get rich.


Kaeloo greets the viewers, and sings a song introducing Stumpy, showing that he wants to write a song for his girlfriend, Ursula, but cannot. Stumpy then calls the Devil and sells his soul to get the talent to write a song, and he gets a song and is able to play it.

Unfortunately for poor Stumpy, Mr. Cat steals his music sheet and sets off to Broadway. There, he hears a wonderful singing voice and assumes it is Pretty, but the singer turns out to be Eugly. Mr. Cat then has the idea to let Eugly sing behind a screen and have the beautiful Pretty lip-sync on stage.

Stumpy sings a song describing how unfair it is, and how much he hates Mr. Cat. Kaeloo and Quack Quack decide to help their friend, and they set off to stop Mr. Cat. They go in a car, and a bunch of biker sheep try to kill them, but Stumpy sings another song to make them start dancing.

They arrive at Mr. Cat's show, which has already begun, and Stumpy goes onstage and says that Mr. Cat stole his song. Pretty tries to kick him off the stage, but accidentally sends him flying into the screen behind her, knocking it down and exposing the scam to the audience.

All of them start fighting for the music sheet, and Stumpy very nearly gets it, but when he does, it touches the lightbulb and burns up. Later, Kaeloo attempts to console Stumpy and points out that Ursula still loves him and it really doesn't matter, and he tells her it's obvious that she (Kaeloo) is single.


Key Characters

  • Stumpy
  • Mr. Cat
  • Kaeloo

Supporting Characters

  • Quack Quack
  • Pretty
  • Eugly

Minor Characters

  • Sheeps
  • Flowers
  • Scooter-unicorn

Mentioned Characters

  • Ursula
  • Mr. Coolskin
  • Stumpy's grandmother


  • This is the second episode where Stumpy sells his soul to the Devil, the first being "Let's Play Figurines".
  • Kaeloo does not transform in this episode.


  • During Mr. Cat's song, his suitcase disappears in some shots.