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"Let's Play Forest of Spankings" is the 2nd episode of the fourth season of Kaeloo, and 152nd of the series overall.


In a fantasy-themed adventure, Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack, Mr. Cat, and Pretty must save Eugly from Olaf.


The episode starts with a narrator explaining the premise of the episode: Olaf (the Super Frosted Emperor) rules the Super Frozen Lands. A team of rebels called the Super Heroic Guild rises to fight against him. The team consists of the Yogurt Knight (Quack Quack), a knight who is good at archery, Kaeloom (Kaeloo), a goblin who was formerly evil but is now good, Moignonne (Stumpy), a fairy who can turn things into ridiculous objects, Catdalf (Mr. Cat) , an evil sorcerer, and Prethor (Pretty), the goddess who protects the priestess of ayurvedic massages. The priestess, Eugly, is being held captive by Olaf, who wants massages for him and his troops. The only thing standing between the Super Heroic Guild and the Super Frozen Lands is the Forest of Spankings.

As Eugly is Pretty’s sister, Pretty decides that she should be the first one to go through the forest. Before she can get through, the trees spank her with their branches, and she retreats. While Pretty goes on the internet to complain about this incident to valkyrie rights’ associations, Quack Quack decides to step up to the challenge. Stumpy gives him a giant banana, the purpose of which is to make him invincible. It does not work, and Quack Quack gets spanked so hard that he gets set on fire. Kaeloo asks Mr. Cat to cast a healing spell to fix the problem. The spell extinguishes the fire and everyone cheers, but the spell proceeds to devour Quack Quack. Mr. Cat points out that his character is supposed to be evil, and Kaeloo concurs.

Night falls and the Super Heroic Guild sets up camp. Stumpy is surprised that Mr. Cat doesn’t like heroic fantasy; the genre is full of wars, betrayal, and death. Mr. Cat explains that “quality is better than quantity”. Meanwhile, Kaeloo confides in Pretty that she thinks her buttocks are shapeless and ugly. Pretty tells her that society is narcissistic and she shouldn’t care about her appearance, but Kaeloo says that’s because Pretty has a nice-looking butt. Pretty reveals that despite her earlier advice, she spends two hours working out in the morning. It becomes midnight, and everyone falls asleep.

The next morning, everyone wakes up. They ask Kaeloo if she has a plan. She reveals the plan, which horrifies everyone else: negotiating with the trees. She tries to explain her goals to the trees, but they simply mock her and start spanking her. Upon hearing Kaeloo’s cries of pain, Mr. Cat is determined to destroy the trees. He asks Pretty to use her powers to help him destroy the forest with his chainsaws, but Kaeloo stops them; since the forest is magical, they should use Stumpy’s magic. Kaeloo asks Stumpy to turn the Forest of Spankings into the Forest of Cuddles, but since Stumpy can’t control his magic, he fears that it might end up turning into something else, like the Forest of Toxic Farts or the Forest of Two-Bit-Jokes. Mr. Cat has a better idea: making Kaeloo transform so she can clear the path. Kaeloo refuses, since she has renounced being bad, but Mr. Cat informs her that Pretty told him all about the conversation she and Kaeloo had around the campfire. Pretty tries to incinerate Mr. Cat with her powers, but it’s too late; Kaeloo has already heard everything and gotten mad enough to transform. Before Bad Kaeloo can beat Pretty up, Olaf shows up and yells at them for taking too long, saying he no longer wants to play with them. He returns Eugly, who had caught a cold from spending too much time in freezing temperatures, and Pretty decides to take her sister home so she can rest. Kaeloo wonders where Quack Quack is. It turns out that Stumpy accidentally turned him into random objects like a barbecue grill and a trash can.


  • Kaeloo
  • Stumpy
  • Quack Quack
  • Mr. Cat
  • Pretty
  • Eugly
  • Olaf


  • This episode parodies Lord of the Rings.