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This article is about the relationship between Kaeloo and Eugly.


In "Si on jouait au jeu de la vérité", Kaeloo found herself attracted to Eugly. However, she left her since Quack Quack was also in love with her, and Kaeloo wanted him to be happy. In "Si on jouait à tutu à gogo", Kaeloo is seen laughing at the prospect of Eugly becoming a ballerina, and before the ballet recital, says that if anything goes wrong, they can blame it on Eugly. In most other episodes, Kaeloo is nice to Eugly, though they don't interact much. Kaeloo often gives Eugly life advice when the latter is in distress.

Eugly is usually nice to Kaeloo. In "Si on jouait aux vacances... aux naufragés", she was willing to rescue Kaeloo and the others from the island they were stranded on. In "Si on jouait à l'épisode très spécial", Eugly laughs when Olaf tells Kaeloo to shut up after she tries to greet them. They don't interact much, but they seem to have a good relationship in general.