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The imaginary friends are characters who live in the minds of the other characters. Being imaginary, they have no visible physical appearance.


The only imaginary friend who has a personality is Friedrich, who is very serviable.

In "Let's Play Imaginary Friends", we learn a few details about the other imaginary friends:

  • Valentin is the "cute" one.
  • Bichette is sensitive and cries a lot.
  • Tori-chan is physically strong.
  • Felipe has a beard, which is very soft.
  • Baron Banana is a cyborganic T-Rex who is invisible but whose presence can be sensed in the physical world; for example, when he walks, the ground trembles.
  • Maggie, much like Friedrich, serves Mr. Cat.


  • Stumpy: Stumpy is very close to his imaginary friends. He calls them his "best pals" because they never make fun of him or get angry at him, unlike Kaeloo, Quack Quack, and Mr. Cat. Stumpy takes imaginary friends very seriously, to the point where he believes in the "imaginary enemies" created by Kaeloo, Mr. Cat, and Pretty.
  • Mr. Cat: Mr. Cat seems close to Friedrich and is often seen talking to him or calling him on the phone. Very little is known about his relationship with Maggie other than the fact that he asks her to do things for him.
  • Kaeloo: Kaeloo thinks the idea of having imaginary friends is ridiculous when you can have real friends instead; however, she is often seen "befriending" abstract concepts like happiness, and inanimate objects like pebbles.
  • Pretty: Pretty has no imaginary friends, but she does have an imaginary relationship with the celebrity Kim Biberon.

List of imaginary friends

  • Mr. Cat:
    • Friedrich
    • Maggie
  • Stumpy:
    • Bichette
    • Steven
    • Rico
    • Valentin
    • Philippe
    • Tori-chan
    • Baron Banana
  • Imaginary enemies invented by Kaeloo, Mr. Cat, and Pretty to scare Stumpy:
    • Victor (Pretty)
    • Huguette (Pretty)
    • Gégé la poigne (Mr Chat)
    • Mrs. Michu (Kaeloo)



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